Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pug Life

Let's face it. Mark and I lead pretty boring lives. We go to work, we come home. We eat, we watch tv, we do the dishes and we sleep. The most interesting thing that we have going now is our pug Gatsby. So thats what this post is all about. Our pug!

Let's just get a few facts out there for those that have never met the Great Gatsby. First- he is a little devil. In fact "Mommy's Little Devil" and "Devil Dog" are said A LOT. He is only 41/2 months old and he is hyper and likes to test his boundaries. He also considers biting his Mommy's toes really hard to be playing and great fun.

In order to get some of his energy out, I decide to take him over to my friend Jaclyn's house where there are 5 dogs for him to play with. The night before, I gave him his first bath in the big tubby and he was terrified!

He was running around like CRAZY at Jaclyn's!! He had so much fun especially with their big Golden Diesel!

He was pooped all weekend! He snuggled with Mark and I and we watched movies and the Superbowl.

Today it snowed, so it was a great reason to break out Gatsby's new jacket. He needs it because he doesn't have much fur yet and he shivers like crazy when it is cold out

I think the snow actually zapped all his energy because he is sleeping in my lap as I type.

I am thinking this blog will end up being "The Daily Life of the Great Gatsby Lane" with a few nuggets about Mark and I every so often. That's ok though. We accept that its all about the pug, all the time!

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