Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Dinner Party

Just wanted to post quickly and say that we went to a fabulous St. Patrick's Day Dinner Party last night at Kristin's place in Northport. Her corned beef and cabbage was delish and the Irish soda bread was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! We brought over guinness and champagne because we read about a drink on the guinness website called the black velvet. It is just 1/2 guinness and 1/2 champagne. It has a cool story behind it:

This famous drink was invented in 1861 at Brook's Club in London. Prince Albert had died, everyone was in mourning, and the story goes that the steward at the club, overcome with the emotion of the occasion, ordered that even the champagne should be put into mourning, and proceeded to mix it with GUINNESS®. The taste was so delicious, Black Velvet became extremely popular.

Cool story but really a grossdrink. Yuck. 

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