Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gatsby Goes to the Beach...and then to the Hospital

My first official day of being a "Real Housewife of Long Island" was Monday. So far, I am enjoying the sharp decrease in my stress level. I decided to take Gatsby to the beach on Tuesday with my friend Stefanie because he has never been before and it was cloudy and cool so I figured there would be no one there. I was right! We practically had the whole beach to ourselves! I took Gats on a long walk down the beach where we met a girl pug! He just loved her. They played and rubbed their necks on each other, it was so cute! Gatsby had so much fun digging holes and sniffing everything, I thought it was the perfect day, until about 8:30 pm that night. Gatsby threw up 5 times in a matter of a half hour and then he was acting lethargic and not himself. We called the Vet who said we should bring him to Animal Emergency in Selden (where he stayed when we first got him and he had pneumonia.) Turns out, Gatsby ingested a whole lot of sand and it was stuck in his intestines. I guess when he was sniffing the sand all day, he was eating it too. I felt like such a bad Mommy for not noticing! He got a big fat liquid injection under his skin and another injection of medicine to settle his stomach and we brought him home. He is doing great now, thank goodness! I think he is really happy that Mommy is home all day and he is spending a lot less time in his crate. In other news, I am slowly but surely getting these wedding thank you cards done. They aren't folded and they aren't perforated where they SHOULD be folded so it is a pain in the butt. With all this rain and no job, they should be done soon.


Colleen said...

So you plan on taking him back to the beach or sticking with parks from now on?

Shea Family said...

We all do things that make us feel like bad mommies. I am glad he will be okay and that all is good now.

Miranda Mark and Gatsby said...

I will probably take him back because he loved it so much but I will be much more watchful.