Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Goals

I have a lot of goals for 2010. It would take me all night to write about them all so let's just stick with one for now. I plan to read 50 books in 2010. That's about 1 a week. I don't have any criteria for the books. They can be long or short, fiction or non-fiction, trashy or high brow, etc.

If I really like a book, I'll post a review on here. It will force me to blog more. I have been avoiding our little blog, just because I felt like I had nothing to say that would not come across as whining or wallowing. It is no secret that 2009 was not my best year. But 2010 is here, and I am hopeful and excited for what may happen. With that renewed hopefulness comes a new attitude that I have adopted for the year: I'm not hiding my feelings anymore. So this blog may be a little more interesting than it used to be because guess what: I'm not holding back.

Stay tuned for my 1st review of The Red Tent by Anita Diamant



Colleen said...

Can't wait for the reviews!

Kara said...

I copied your image for this. Let me know if you mind and I will take it off my blog :)