Friday, January 15, 2010

Thoughts On Movies, Moviegoers and My New Favorite Place To See A Movie

Mark and I belong to Netflix. In addition to getting the DVD's and Blue Ray's in the mail, we also have the Roku box so we can watch anything available in the "watch instantly" section on our TV whenever we want. Because of this, we rarely go to the movies. Our new TV is so awesome that it is like being in a theatre anyway so why spend $20 on tickets and $20 on a soda and popcorn? Not to mention the fact that every single time I go to the movies I want to strangle someone for talking on their phone, not putting their phone on vibrate, crinkling their popcorn bag too much, having an entire conversation with their wife/husband/friend/child, etc. I mean seriously!!! Why are people so RUDE??

Example: I went to the movies 2 Sunday's ago with Mark and Kristin. The family in front of us was having an ENTIRE CONVERSATION. The teenage son was doing something rude that I can't remember. Talking or answering his phone or something and then the Mom felt that right in the middle of the movie was the time to call his name and reprimand him about it. Seriously lady, wait until the movie is over. He wasn't even doing it anymore. You are just making it worse. They got the dreaded SHHHHHHHHH from me. I can SHHHH like nobody's business. My SHHH will send chills up your spine.

Example 2: Kristin and I went to see an independent film last week that was very somber and serious. We sat in the last row and a few seats down from us was a middle aged couple. the woman looked about 50 and was dressed like she was 15. Before the movie started they were making out like horny teenagers. Then during the movie she kept talking to him and to the movie. The main character said something profound about love and life and she literally talked back to the screen saying something like "SO TRUE!!" This went on throughout the movie. I think she was on something to be honest with you.

Obviously this month I have been going to the movies much more than I usually do. I have gone to 3 whole movies at the movie theatre!! 2 were at my new favorite place to see a movie: Cinema Arts of Huntington and the other was Avatar which must be seen in 3D so we went to Stony Brook Loews to see it.

Let's talk about Cinema Arts for a minute. I went there once before but never thought much about it. A few weeks ago Kristin sent me the trailer for this movie:

and it looked so good! I love period pieces, movies about England's Royal family and Emily Blunt so this was a must see. The only place playing it was Cinema Arts so off we went. The movie was great and it was empty! No kids anywhere. No annoying teenagers with their annoying friends. Just a sprinkling of adults eating organic popcorn and watching a good movie that apparently movie theatres have deemed not suitable for mainstream public consumption.
On our way out we saw this poster:

We went to go see it the next week without even looking to see what it was about. Why? Because Colin Firth is in it. That should be all the explanation you need. The movie was great. Artsy,dark and somber. Basically Colin Firth is a gay man living in the 1960's who's partner was killed in a car accident and he was not even allowed to go to the funeral. This is also where we encountered talks back to the screen lady. But even she could not ruin Cinema Arts for me. I really love the movies they play there and I am going to keep going. Check out a movie there if you can. It is the only place on LI to see independent films and it needs to stay open. You can find out more about Cinema Arts and what is playing HERE


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