Saturday, February 6, 2010

Book Review: Outlander by Diane Gabaldon

Let me first start by saying that this book came highly recommended by several different people and I was really expecting to like it. I am perfectly willing to suspend disbelief and accept time travel. I am also not above a good, sappy romance and I am certainly not against a little (or a lot of) smut. This book has all those things, plus the added benefit of a setting I am very interested in (Scotland, circa mid 1700's, the time of clans.)

Still with all those things I was unable to ever get into the story or to take anything really seriously. It was just way too soapy for me, and I LOVE soap operas, so that says something. I did read the whole thing (it was pretty long) but I struggled through it.

You can read the Barnes and Noble review HERE

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