Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Review: Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

I read this book on whim when I had nothing else to read and I really wanted to take a bubble bath. For some reason, it is impossible for me to take a bubble bath without reading. I bought the paperback version of this book over a year ago when I was going on vacation to the Dominican Republic. I read it so fast when I was there, and I remembered really liking it but I didn't remember the details so I figured it was a good book to reread. I really like Jennifer Weiner but she is a little predictable. Her main character is always a thirty-forty something Jewish woman with weight issues. Certain Girls was no different.

We do however also get another POV, that of the main character's daughter. The book goes back and fourth between the POV's of them both, which held my interest. It is a great commentary on the push and pull of the relationship between a Mother and her teenage daughter that I think any woman can relate too. It is also funny, sweet and also sad. I would recommend it. Definitely an easy read.

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