Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craft Project: EAT letters kitchen decor

If you watch the show Cougar Town on ABC, then you have probably seen the super cute EAT letters on the wall in the kitchen. If you haven't, you can sort of see them in the upper right hand corner here:

I want them for my kitchen so I went to the trusty Google. Apparently lots of people have the same idea and have been crafting a variation of these for themselves and to sell on Etsy. The most popular way to make them seems to be decoupaging wooden letters with scrapbook paper like they show here.

I love the idea of making the letters of your child's name to hang over their crib/bed or to make other words for decor like Hope, Love, Home, Family, etc. but for now I want Eat, so I am going to head to Michaels and get all the supplies and make this my next non-crochet project. I'll show it off when I'm finished!

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MV said...

I spied that last night too!