Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Music: My Top 10

Have you ever found yourself rocking out to a song that you are totally embarrassed to admit you like? We've all been there. This morning I was doing my usual make coffee/check e-mail/listen to itunes on random and Phil Collins "Throwing It All Away" came on. It got me thinking about the fact that I would never drive down the block with my windows open blasting that song...but I love it anyway.

So let's blow the lid off this shameful secret and own up to our guilty pleasure songs!

10. Up Where We Belong- Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
Cheesiest Line: "where eagles fly on a mountain high"
Reason I love it: the sentiment and Joe Cocker's raspy voice

9. Suddenly Seymore- Little Shop of Horrors 2003 Broadway Revival Cast    
Cheesiest Line: "I'd meet a man and I'd follow him blindly. He'd snap his fingers, me I'd say sure"
Reason I love it: It's totally campy, I love the musical and it is so much fun to sing along to

8. Danny's Song- Loggins and Messina
Cheesiest Line: "Pisces, Virgo rising is a very good sign"
Reason I love it: I love the chorus and the sentiment

7. Both Sides Now- Judy Collins (originally Joni Mitchell)
Cheesiest Line: "Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air"
Reason I love it: It is quite possibly the most honest song about just living life that I have ever heard.

6. Let the River Run- Carly Simon (from the soundtrack of Working Girl)
Cheesiest Line: "we the great and small stand on a star and blaze a trail of desire"
Reason I love it: I'm not quite sure...I just love it. Maybe because I love Workng Girl?

5. The Winner Takes It All- ABBA
Cheesiest Line: "The Gods may throw the dice, their minds as cold as ice"
Reason I love it: I love the buildup...soft and slow to full on disco. Love to sing along while I'm vacuuming.

4. After All- Cher and Peter Cetera (from the movie Chances Are)
Cheesiest Line: "Two angels who've been rescued from the fall"
Reason I love it: I saw Chances Are in the movie theatre because there was a character named Miranda....and I fell in love with Robert Downey jr.

3. Hungry Eyes- Eric Carmen (from the movie Dirty Dancing)
Cheesiest Line: "I want to hold you so hear me out. I want to show you what love's all about"
Reason I love it: Quintessential 80's song. I love the saxophone..and I can't help but think of the music montage of Patrick Swayze teaching Jennifer Grey how to dance...swoon worthy.

2. You Give Good Love- Whitney Houston
Cheesiest Line: "take this heart of mine into your hands"
Reason I love it: the definition of a "slow jam." Plus, I love that crackhead Whitney!!

1. It's All Coming Back to Me Now- Celine Dion
Cheesiest Line: "all the tears turned to dust and I just knew my eyes were drying out forever"
Reason I love it: I love drama and theatrics and this song is definitely those things and more. It's got a haunting background piano and lots of strings and Wikipedia just told me that it is based on the Emily Bronte novel "Wuthering Heights." Power Ballad doesn't even begin to describe how epic this song is.

This was so hard to make! I've got lots of other guilty pleasure songs hiding in my itunes but I think this list is a good representation of them. What are your guilty pleasure songs?


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Jennifer Grey said...

I really admire Jennifer Grey for having the guts to go back dancing on DWTS for her former co-star.