Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sugar & Spice themed Baby Shower

When I decided that I wanted the baby shower I was throwing for my friend Kamila to be sugar and spice themed, I searched the internet for ideas and came across This Post from the blog Fete Fanatic

That blog post was pretty much the only reference I had so I thought it might be a good idea to post about the sugar and spice themed shower I threw, just in case someone else out there is looking for ideas like I was.

First things first: the invitation. I have been making crafty invitations for various friends & family for the past year and have been getting lots of compliments. I wouldn't say that they are the quality that you would get from ordering your invitations from say http://www.finestationery.com/ (a favorite of mine.) I would say that they have much more of a crafty feel. I purchased some adorable vector images from istockphoto of cupcakes and themed the invitation around that:

It is just white card stock with the invitation printed on it backed with 2 different cardstocks, a solid hot pink and a pink and green stripe. I corner punched the white cardstock for a feminine feel and glued it all together.

Next thing on my mind was decorations. I knew that I was going to do round tables of five with white chairs and I wanted to have a nice centerpiece on each table. My thought process was basically like this: sugar and spice>spice>spice drops>spice drops in a vase! I went to the local craft store and purchased 10 glass vases. 5 were wide ($5 each) and 5 were skinny ($3 each). Then I bought 15 bags of spice drops for $1 each at Wal-Mart and some pretty pink and green ribbon that I spotted while I was there. The day before the shower, I went to Costco and bought 3 pink-themed bouquets for $14.99 each.

I placed the skinny vase in the middle of the wide one and filled in the space between the two with spice drops. Then I put some water and flowers in the skinny vase, tied a ribbon around both the skinny and wide vases (I used a bit of scotch double sided tape to keep the ribbon in place) and that was it! The result was 5 sugar and spice themed centerpieces that cost about $20 each.

Myself and two other women made homemade drinks for the shower and I made cute signs that I tied (and double sided taped) to the beverage dispensers that I bought from Amazon.com.

and I tied green and pink ribbon around the stemless white wine glasses that I used for the shower to add a fun, girly touch.

Since the shower was sugar and spice themed, we had a light lunch of salads and wraps and then a HUGE dessert. I got the cupcakes and cake from the bakery and everything else was from the bakery at Costco (except for the big lollipops and rock candy, which I got at Party City.)

I made an "Everything Nice" banner using letters printed on individual pieces of card stock and ribbon. I was so busy that I didn't notice when the banner started to sag so I don't have a great picture but I think you can get the idea.

I also did a story book wishing well. I found a cute pink and purple storage bin at Target and I printed a sign with the cupcake from the invitation that said "Baby's First Library."

Everyone had a great time! I hope this post helps give you ideas for throwing a sugar and spice themed shower of your own.


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MV said...

Adorable, just adorable. You are a crafty gal hon. Great job!