Sunday, October 31, 2010

Etsy: Some stuff I'm making

As I posted the other day, I am opening an Etsy shop. Baby Isabella, my friend Kamila's not quite born yet daughter is going to model some of the stuff I am making so until then I probably will not be putting things up but I wanted to share some pictures of patterns I am working on. I am super excited because I love making this stuff.

A pea in the pod cocoon sort of like this one. Lot's of people use these for a photography prop in newborn photo shoots and stuff:

Reindeer Hats. I'm going to make a newborn sized one so that Isabella can model, then I'll sell them as made to order.

Some cozy baby booties. They remind me of little Uggs.

Some chunky baby bowls. I like this green but I think I want to make a cream colored one for Isabella to model. Maybe I'll make both.

Santa Hats. They are made with a yarn called fun fur so they are fluffy and fuzzy.

Owly hats. Started a pink one today.

Sock Monkey hats. I kind of want to make one for myself...

Some stocking hats. They remind me of Twas' the night before Christmas.

I am also planning on making my own pattern for a solid color dog sweater and then have detachable appliques to go onto it. Seasonal ones like a snowflake, shamrock, easter egg, pumpkin, etc. I'd like to make some adult sized scarves also but that will probably be down the road a bit. I am still working on the snowflake crochet blanket that has been in the works as a gift for my Mom for the past 5 Christmases. Maybe I'll actually get it done this year?



Shea Family said...

Very cute! Love stocking hats. I still have one from when I was a little girl!

cutey-patootie said...

ok i want a reindeer hat and also a stocking hat. how do i get you a size? also how much are they?