Saturday, October 16, 2010

How do you like your eggs?

I like mine at least 20mm!

But seriously, Went to Dr. B. yesterday and was pleased to find that I now have 4 follicles that have potential.  There are 3 on the right: 18.5mm, 16.5mm and 10mm and I have a 10.5mm on the left.

Even though Dr. B. does not like doing IUI before a follicle is 20mm, egg maturity starts at 16mm (so a 16mm egg still has the potential of becoming a living, cutie-pie baby.) Eggs grow about 2mm a day so as long as my lutenizing hormone doesn't surge today, I have the potential of having a 24.5, 22.5, 16 and 16.5 follicles for IUI. Add two more to each number if IUI happens on Tuesday. That is pretty awesome.

That insomnia from the clomid isn't seeming so bad right now...


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Anonymous said...

those are amazing eggs!! What a great Clomid response. I'm crossing my fingers for a cutie pie egg-baby!!!