Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Life of a Reproductively Challenged Girl

Since I have started being more open about our fertility struggles and what we are doing about it (along with our reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. B,) I have been getting a lot of questions involving what the process entails so here is my first post about the clomid/IUI cycle monitoring that I have done for a few cycles (this is the fourth.) 

Basically, when you take clomid, it makes you ovulate, sometimes more that 1 egg. After the 5 days of taking the clomid, you start going to the RE office every few days where they do a ultrasound of your ovaries and uterine lining and bloodwork to see if you are having a lutenizing hormone surge (LH surge happens 24-48 hours before you ovulate.) If you are "surging," IUI is scheduled for the next day. If your eggs get big enough (at least 20mm) but you have no LH surge, they make you do an HCG trigger shot to make you ovulate and they do the IUI the day after the shot.

In my past 3 clomid/IUI cycles, I have produced 1 egg on 50mg, 2 on the first month of 100mg and 3 on the second month of 100mg. So naturally I was expecting to have 3 for this current, 150mg cycle, especially because the side effects were so much more severe. So yesterday I went in for my first monitoring appointment this cycle with high hopes and was a little disappointed to look at the sonogram screen and only see 2 eggs. This is what a sonogram of your ovaries looks like (it is not mine.) You can see the 5 dark circles (those are the eggs) but it looks like only one is big enough to have a positive result.

My lining was 8mm which is good. One egg was 10mm and the other was 12mm. We'll see how they progress. Another egg can still appear out of nowhere but I am going to choose to be happy about these two potential babies and think positive. I have to go back every few days for monitoring, which is exhausting, as you can imagine but hopefully worth it. Between these appointments and acupuncture appointments, I find myself consumed with all things fertility. It gets really hard at times but I am glad I am not being secretive about it anymore. How I will keep an actual pregnancy a secret from you all when it actually happens is beyond me but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it ;)


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Colleen said...

I think you are doing great Miranda. Being open and upfront about things, I think, will allow you (and your body) to be more at ease and not stress so much by keeping it secret. Hoping for a 2011 baby for you guys!