Monday, March 21, 2011

Why I Can't Stand "Your Pregnancy Week By Week"

I signed up for the "Future Moms" program through my insurance company. There are 24 hour nurses on call for you to answer pregnancy related questions and there are some other benefits but the real reason I signed up was there is a 24 hour lactation consultant there that I can call with any questions after Ethan is here about breastfeeding. I thought that might be helpful if I need a question answered at 2am.

Part of the welcome packet they send you is the book "Your Pregnancy Week By Week." I confess that I had bought "What To Expect..." when I was pregnant the first time, and this pregnancy I have been much more interested in reading breastfeeding, natural birth and childcare books than pregnancy books, especially because there are a billion websites out there that can tell you everything you need to know. Since I got YPWBW for free though, I decided to look through it.

Just like any other pregnancy book, it has the basics and things you should know but it also has a lot of misinformation and outdated information...and I have the latest edition. Here are two sections from the book that really made me mad. Trust me, there are plenty more.

1) "Pets in the Home"

The book mentions making sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations, which for any responsible pet owner, should be a given but that's about the only good thing in this section. There is a list of things you should do before the baby comes that is so ridiculous...I just can't believe it. It details how you should decrease the amount of time you spend with your pet, change the pet's feeding schedule (WHY???) and move your pet out of your room if the pet sleeps in your room. Then the book goes on to say that if the sound of a baby crying distresses your dog, you should "leave him with a friend or board him for a while." WOW. That will REALLY help the dog adjust to the new baby. Kicking him out will do the trick. The book does not site any vet or dog behavior experts that have been consulted as a source of this information and was in fact written by an OBGYN. 

Victoria Stillwell has some great (positive reinforcement) suggestions on integrating dog and baby on Animal Planet's website:

2)"Will Your Doctor Perform an Episiotomy"

The books sites benefits of an episiotomy as "a lower risk of trauma to the perineum." It also states that it is "better than a tear or rip" and it "heals better than a ragged tear." 

The hilarious part about that last quote is that 2 paragraphs prior, the author quotes the ACOG's stance that women who undergo episiotomies "feel more pain, take longer to heal, and are more likely to suffer serious lacerations." So how exactly is that better? Color me confused. 

For more info, check this out. It sites several studies that do not support episitomies:



zenmasterlauren said...

Wow!!! I'm glad I didn't purchase that one! I absolutely disagree with the pet treatment---that is insane! Our pug is as much a part of the family as the baby will be (and she was here first!). I'm sure yours is too. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure she is also attended to and happy. These baby authors need to stick to the baby stuff and leave the dog stuff to Cesar Milan!

Shea Family said...

I remember reading up and being soooo confused too!!! My suggestion is to relax. Because no matter what you think will happen often doesn't. I expected labor and delivery and got 3 c-sections out of the deal! But as long as Ethan is okay during labor and delivery everything else works itself out!!!
And put that book in the GARBAGE!!!