Tuesday, July 5, 2011

39 Weeks

Baby's now the size of a watermelon!
Baby's brain is still developing rapidly, and his skin has taken on a paler shade thanks to a thicker layer of fat around the blood vessels. (Don't worry; he'll change color again soon after birth.) He's now able to flex his limbs, and his nails might extend past his fingertips.
How Far Along? 39 weeks!!!!!
Total weight gain: +30 lbs on the dot
Maternity clothes? I wear a lot of summer dresses that I had from summers past. They are all empire waist and work with my bump.
Sleep: Sleep is interesting these days. I wake a lot because of Braxton Hicks contractions or to pee or because my hips or legs are aching and I need to change positions. The sleep I do get however, is such a deep restful sleep. Even though it stinks to not have a job right now, it is nice to take 1, sometimes 2 naps during the day, with Gatsby of course.
Best moment this week: Too many to name. Mark is being so awesome. I think he is nervous about labor and seeing me in pain/knowing what to do. He is the best husband. 
Food Cravings/Aversions: a few days ago, after not having much of an appetite for most of my pregnancy, I became a human vacuum. I can eat anything and crave everything.
Gender: It's a boy!
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: Sometimes I miss sleeping on my stomach but usually nothing.
Weekly Wisdom: It is really hard not to be cranky with your loved ones when you feel cranky all the time. It has helped telling people like my Mom and Dad as a preface to any conversation that I am super cranky and if I say something bitchy to please ignore me. 
Milestones: None. Just waiting at this point.


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