Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Other Random Updates

I've been such an awful blogger lately. I wish I was better about taking my weekly bump photos and doing the weekly post but once third trimester hit, I just got so tired and everything sort of fell by the wayside. I'm trying to be better (see posts below.)

I figured I'd do a post of random other updates. No rhyme or reason to them, just little things that have been going on.

1) Our baby shower was on June 18th. Honestly, I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends. Ethan got EVERYTHING he could possibly need. He got so much stuff and it was really fun. My Mom, Mother-in-Law and Aunts planned a beautiful, nautical themed shower at a place right on the Long Island Sound and it was just gorgeous with breathtaking views and really great food!

2) Mark and I did a DIY maternity photo shoot at the local park. It was fun, even though I kind of look like Shrek. Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot:

3) My next door neighbor's daughter (and the mother of the adorable Kailyn, who my Mom used to babysit.) Recently had a baby boy, Tyler, in March and was thoughtful and generous enough to bring me 2 giant bags of baby clothes that her baby has outgrown. Some stuff still has the tags on! Ethan is soooo set clothes wise in the NB, 0-3 and 3-6 month size. One he hits 6-9 months, we might actually have to buy some stuff for him, but definitely not until then! I am making Kailyn and Tyler matching owl hats for the Fall as a thank you.

4) We are reconsidering Ethan's middle name. We still love Ethan Patrick. It flows so nicely. But Mark has brought up that he has been having second thoughts because he thinks maybe the middle name should be a family name. Ethan Mark is now in the running. We are going to decide for sure when he gets here.

5) The other day, Mark and I spent several hours on Etsy looking for the perfect monthly onesie stickers for Ethan. Surprisingly, Mark got very into this. His main criteria was that they were cute and that the images didn't repeat after a few months. It was adorable that he got so excited about it. We ended up going with farm animals:

6) I flippin' love Pinterest. For those that don't know what Pinterest (www.pinterest.com) is, you NEED to know. It is an online corkboard. Kind of like a visual bookmark board. It is difficult for me to explain at this late hour. Just know that it is awesome. You need an invitation to get an account, otherwise you have to go on the waiting list, which I am told can take a while. I was lucky enough to get an invite. If you want to try pinterest out, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you one :)


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