Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A post for my pug

It is no secret how much Mark and I love our pug Gatsby. He is our baby and we love him unconditionally. I know that he loves us too, even though he can't tell us. The poor little guy has been really stressed for the past 2-ish months. He wants to be next to me 24/7. He also cries and gets anxious when I make any motion to leave the room we are in. The vet says that he smells/knows something is different/something is happening and it is stressing him out and to expect more of it in the first few weeks that the baby is here.

Mark and I are already mentally prepared for this. We know it will be an adjustment for Gatsby when Ethan comes home. We know he is going to be hyper. We know he is going to want to jump all over the baby in the first day or two and we know that he is going to have a little anxiety from the decrease in attention that he gets. We also know that he will adjust...and that he and Ethan will be BFF.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I am "worried about the dog and the baby" or something to that effect, I would have a great start to Ethan's college fund. I have been pretty cranky and blunt lately so I'll just tell you all this now: stop asking me. And when Ethan is here, please do not come and visit us and then get all anxious/nervous about things Gatsby related. You will make my dog have more stress and anxiety and it will not be appreciated in the critical first weeks when we are trying to acclimate him to this huge change in his home life. Gatsby will still be our baby...he will be our baby forever. He isn't some inconvenience or (as a woman in Petco said to me the other day) just a dog now.

Since Gatsby won't leave my side lately, I've been taking a lot of pictures of him, including a little 4th of July photo shoot at the local park. Here are some of my favorites:


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