Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cloth Diapering a Newborn: 6 Weeks

Ethan is six weeks old. For four of those six weeks, we have been cloth diapering him. We have three types of diapers we've been using for the newborn stage and I thought I'd do a quick review of them in case anyone is interested, and also go over the laundry process so everyone can see how easy it really is!

This is our stash for the "newborn" stage.
We are working on our stash for the rest of Ethan's diapering now.

Diaper #1: Bum Genius 3.0 All-In-One Size XS
 Fits 6-12lbs
# in stash: 8

These diapers are all-in-one meaning all you need is the one diaper (no stuffing inserts or covers.) They have an adjustable velcro closure and have a pretty low rise. For some babies, they are able to wear these diapers before their umbilical stump falls off but for Ethan, they were too high to do that. One issue we have sometimes with these diapers is leaks through the top. You have to make sure you close the tabs very tightly or you will have a very wet baby. They wash beautifully and are the least bulky cloth diaper we have. Overall we are happy with them. 

Diaper #2: FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper XS
Fits 8-12lbs
 # in stash 14

These are pocket diapers meaning you have to stuff them with an insert. They come with a microfiber one, but you can always buy your own in other absorbent materials such as hemp. They snap closed and are adjustable. With these diapers, we were initially having leakage problems through the leg holes, but as his legs have gotten chubbier, that problem has solved itself. Stuffing them is kind if annoying compared to the BG AIO's, so it's best to stuff them right out of the laundry so they are good to go when you need them.

Diaper #3: Kissaluv's Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper Size 0
Fits: 5-15lbs
# in stash: 6

These diapers are fitted diapers. This means they need a waterproof cover in addition to the diaper. We have never had a leak with this diaper (used with the Thirsties cover below.) We were also able to use them right away because there is a snap down option so the diaper does not rub the umbilical cord stump. This diaper on its own is very bulky. Add the cover and you've got one fluffy butt! I don't view that as a negative...I think it is super cute! I  have read of other Mom's complaining about bulkiness though so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover XS (For use w/kissaluv's)
Fits: 5-12lbs
 # in stash 3

As I said, we are using these covers with the kissaluv's. Since we have had no leaks, I have no complaints. 

As far as laundry goes, cloth diapering has been a breeze. We use Rockin Green Barenaked Babies Soft Rock since we have very soft water on Long Island. We bought a simple, white plastic garbage can with a lid and two Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liners. Every other day, we dump all the dirty diapers, covers and inserts in the washing machine along with the pail liner and run a rinse cycle with no detergent. Then we put in a Tbsp. of Rockin Green, and run a whites cycle. If the weather is nice, we hang the diapers on the clothesline and the sun bleaches any stains out. If it is raining, everything goes in the dryer on low. It is really very easy.

We have some FuzziBunz size small and some BumGenius One Size Fits all. Hopefully Ethan will fit into his newborn stage diapers for a while longer (he is currently 10.11lbs.) Our original plan was to hold onto all the diapers, should we ever decide to try for another child but they are in such good condition and have such a high resale value that we may sell them to fund the next stage. I'll keep you posted!


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