Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sesame Street First Birthday Party

Let's just start off by saying that if pinterest did not exist, I would not have felt compelled to do half of the projects that I did for Ethan's first birthday party. I started pinning things as soon as he showed a little interest in Sesame Street, which must have been around 3 months old.

If you want to check out the pinterest board CLICK HERE

The majority of Sesame Street supplies was purchased at Party City. They had a huge sale around Memorial Day and another one around July 4th where if you print a coupon from their website, you get $30 off if you spend $100. That came in handy.

For DIY, my favorite thing I did BY FAR was the photobooth, which I copied directly from Red Red Completely Red It was pretty much the easiest thing in the world. I bought the Vitaminer Vimpel Duvet from IKEA for $14.99 and I ordered fun props from The Manic Moose on Etsy. Then we nailed the top of the duvet to the side of the shed and viola!

DIY project #2 was inspired by this blog post. When I told Mark I wanted him to build a wooden bean bag toss game, he looked at me like I was crazy but after looking at the tutorial, he got on board. My original idea was to make 2 sets, one would be Elmo/Cookie Monster and the other would be Big Bird/Oscar. That idea got scrapped when I realized Big Bird would be hard to paint and also when we went to Lowes and saw the price of the wood we needed. So we went with 1 set and I painted one board to look like Elmo and the other to look like Cookie Monster. It came out pretty good considering I did it by hand:

I also made a subway art-esque sign using the Sesame Street theme song lyrics:

For goodie bags, kids got bubbles, sidewalk chalk, Sesame Street bendy straws, crayons, Sesame Street stickers and a whirly pop and I made street sign stickers for the front of the bags with their names on them: 

I also made the balloon wreath that is all over pinterest, with my own little spin on it: 

All in all I was happy with my little projects and Ethan was a very happy Birthday Boy, so I am calling his party a success!



Anonymous said...

Love everything you did and the bean bag tosses LOOK GREAT!! I don't mean to bug you, but how did you make the stickers? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ;-)

Sonia Marchese said...

Everything looked great! I would like to know how you did the sesame street sign stickers. Can you please forward me the information or file if its no trouble. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How did you make the label for the goody bag? thanks.

cgies said...

Hi, just wondering if there is any way to get your 'Sunny Days...' Subway sign. I'm not sure if you are on Etsy but willing to pay for it.